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The wonder of the World!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Stonehenge is in Wessex-- part of central-southern England on Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire
(National Grid Reference SU 123 422).

These are the most testing questions. Before outlining the most plausible answers in accordance with the facts of the latest archaeological and scientific scholarly research, a summary of the chief features of the monument are introduced.

WHEN AND HOW DID STONEHENGE BEGIN? For some 400 years beginning about 2950 BCE the site was little more than a simple circular earthwork, inside of which was a space about 85 metres or some 90 yards in diameter but at the centre of which there appears to have been a simple wooden structure or timber circle. A ring of 56 pits lies close to the circumference of this open space, and according to the argument presented by Cleal, Walker and Montague (1995) every pit formerly held a timber post, thus forming a large-diameter timber circle. The holes left after the decay of the ring of posts are called Aubrey Holes. The Neolithic people later filled these pits with chalk and re-used them for ritual deposits.
The major causeway opening to the north-east embraces the direction of the most northerly risings of both moon and sun. Not until about 2550 BCE did construction of a ring of stones commence. There being no natural stone on this part of the chalk plain, the stones had to be imported.

WHENCE? The first choice of stones, called bluestones, came from South-West Wales, 200 km to the west. Between 60 and 80 bluestones arrived, each weighing 3-4 tons, and there was one exceptional stone at 8 tons which was placed near the centre, on the summer solsticial axis, at the focus of the monument.

The later sarsen stones, weighing between 6 and 60 tons each, were dragged about 32 km (20 miles) southwards from near Avebury. Sarsens are the fractured remnants of ancient sandstone beds dating from the Eocene some 26 million years ago. The photograph, taken in the direction of midsummer sunrise, indicates the immensity of the sarsens of the outer ring. The overhead lintel, which weighs about 6 tons, is supported by 25-ton megaliths.

WHEN DID THE STONES ARRIVE ? The bluestones came about 2550 BCE, possibly at a rate of just a few (3 to 6, say) annually. At some point, delivery of the bluestones stopped. This happened before the ring of bluestones had been completed. Fairly soon afterwards, sarsen stones started arriving, and their delivery is presumed to have taken one or two centuries commencing about 2500 BCE.

HOW ? The bluestones were rafted from Wales by sea and river. The sarsens were dragged from the Avebury Hills by haulage teams, probably aided by oxen. The stones were then tipped end-first into pits dug into the sub-surface chalk The lintels for the trilithons were raised on wooden cribs or by using earthen ramps.

BY WHICH ROUTES? (1) The bluestones came along the Bristol Channel, then possibly up the River Avon to Bath and overland to the River Wylye at Warminster; thence to Salisbury and Amesbury via a second River Avon to Stonehenge. A ditch-and-bank avenue from the latter river to the monument likely marks their final journey. An alternative possibility is a sea-crossing via Lundy Island (as suggested by Rodney Castleden) and then around the Cornish Peninsula to the Salisbury Avon. (2) The sarsens went probably south-west from the Avebury Hills to a col near Devizes and West Lavington, and then south and east across the chalkland.

WHAT WAS THE MASTER BUILDING PLAN? The first sarsen stone erected may have been the huge Heel Stone, set outside the monument. Also early were the 4 station stones, placed within the circular ditch near the Aubrey ring.
A circle of bluestones was commenced but the stones were dismantled after 60 had been raised. Sarsen circles and U-settings then went up, the dominant feature being the trilithon idea of a 6-ton lintel lying across pairs of 25 to 60-ton uprights. In the final stage, the bluestones were put back, some in a circle, the others on a U-setting. The common axis of all the sarsen stones and the bluestone settings is towards the midsummer sunrise. The sparkling 8-ton bluestone went to the heart and focus of the monument where the rays of the rising sun can fall on it only for a few minutes each year at the time of midsummer solstice. It was a devout, clever people who did this. Who were they?

They were the Ancient Britons, part of a precocious flowering of an early World Culture---and until recently inadequately recognised and ill-understood by us, their inheritors. Their names are unknown. Begun in the agricultural Neolithic Age, Stonehenge was completed in the Early Bronze Age by Beaker folk. At a later date (perhaps towards 1500 BCE) some disaster or systems collapse progressively brought the impressive Megalithic Age to an end, not only here but throughout the whole of Britain and Ireland. Much further east, as in Egypt, Babylonia and the Indus Valley, civilisations continued to flourish, although in Crete towards 1400 BCE a splendid high culture was also nearing its end.

The Amazing Race Asia Premieres at #1 and Wins Timeslot by HUGE Margin

Singapore, 14 November 2006 - The Amazing Race Asia premiered on AXN on 9 November with much acclaim, clinching the honour of being the highest rated show on International cable channels when ratings results in Singapore were released. The biggest production by any regional TV in Asia, the show's premiere boasted the highest ratings ever garnered for the launch episode of The Amazing Race franchise among Cable PMEBs, the target audience of AXN.

Coming out tops amongst all international cable channels in Singapore, the eagerly anticipated premiere pulled in 54% of the PMEB cable viewership and 34% of the Cable 4+ viewers, dominating the timeslot and winning by a huge margin.

Similarly, The Amazing Race Asia also showed good ratings results elsewhere. In Malaysia, the show was also ranked #1 in its timeslot, attaining a strong 36% PMEB market share amongst all international cable channels; while in Philippines, the premiere was the #1 English entertainment show, capturing 21% AB class market share during its telecast.

"It has been a nine-month long gestation process," laughs Mr. Ricky Ow, General Manager, SPE Networks - Asia.

It is heartening to see all our hard work come to fruition! I am delighted that The Amazing Race Asia has been received with so much enthusiasm and anticipation. Audiences can expect a lot more in episodes to come, and based on past experience, I am sure that the ratings will build up over the season and peak with the last few episodes," continues Ow.

As with all AXN productions, The Amazing Race Asia is fast paced and intense, with thrills and drama that will keep viewers at the edge of their seats. The premiere last night showed the world-class quality production that is comparable with the US version, but what delighted viewers more, was the unexpected humour from the show as the contestants revealed their idiosyncrasies and quirks while tackling the various challenges in the Race.

Deal or No Deal: Job hunt tips

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

****I came across an article on line regarding on negotiation of salary during a job interview. This might of help to ya'll if you are looking for a good paying job nowadays. Goodluck!****

Talking about money during the hiring process should feel nothing like being a contestant on a nerve-wracking game show. Job candidates who prepare before the interview and adhere to some specific principles during the negotiation will eliminate much of the guesswork in the equation.

Before the Interview
Know what you want and prioritize what's most important to you in your next role --money, more responsibility, work/life balance, a shorter commute, corporate culture --before you begin interviewing.

Use the salary calculator on Yahoo! HotJobs or locate an industry association contact that can provide you with relevant compensation information. This will also help you know that jobs you apply for pay well enough for you. Remember, however, that variables such as company size, economic conditions, and availability of qualified candidates in the market need to be factored into your information-gathering process.

When and How to Talk About Money

Keep in mind that companies typically have salary ranges budgeted for specific roles within the organization. Exceptions aren't all that common. The only flexible items in a job offer may come down to things other than salary -- a signing bonus, moving up your review date, additional vacation time -- and could be an alternative to a higher salary.

Be prepared. You should be ready to convince the recruiter that you are worth the dollar amount at the higher end of the salary range. The easiest way to do this is to provide very specific examples of how you can add value to this organization -- just like you've done throughout your entire career.

Be upfront. When asked about your compensation requirements during the initial telephone interview, let the recruiter know where you stand. "I'm looking at opportunities in the $60-70,000 range, but can be flexible for the right opportunity." It's acceptable to ask if you're in the correct range for the position, and important to know so that both parties can make an informed decision about moving forward without wasting time. Remember, the role of the recruiter differs at each organization, so don't underestimate the influence this person has on the decision-making process.

Be respectful. If an offer is presented that is lower than what you hoped, thank the presenter. Ask if there is any flexibility in one or two of the areas that you've identified as being a priority for you. Regardless of the answer, always say you need time to consider the offer. Don't start negotiating new terms immediately.
Be firm. If there is no flexibility in the offer, you can accept it as is, or politely refuse and walk away. If the company is flexible on your terms, agree on all the new details in one conversation so that you can move forward with the next step in the process -- signing and returning the written offer letter.

Above all, be professional. Your actions during the negotiation process will be remembered by everyone involved long after you're hired, and may be helpful when it comes time to ask for a raise. As before, early preparation is the key to success in getting the salary you want and in taking away the feeling that you could be playing "Deal or No Deal."

by: Cheryl Ferguson

Angelica Panganiban - Which is which?

Monday, November 27, 2006
The former child star, Angelica Panganiban made a big leap in her career showing off her body lately to the public and posed for the 2007 calendar of Ginebra San Miguel. The young actress shocked the public with her very sexy appearances on the calendars.

However, there are rumors that what appeared on the calendars are photoshopped bodies and have undergone editing by a graphic artist's hand using Adobe software! You decide for yourself!

The Disneyland of the Philippines!

I know….you know…we all know, everyone knows that there’s no such place like Disneyland in the Philippines …but as for me who has never gone to any of the Disney places in the world, I would already consider our own “Enchanted Kingdom” in Laguna as the Disneyland of the Philippines.

For almost one year of my stay, here in Manila, as a yuppy exec, I’ve never wanted to go to Enchanted Kingdom. It’s just a waste of time, waste of money…etc…(maypa matulog nalng ko sa pad…I mean…balay..sulit pa!) However, not when my Korean friends and my sister from Cebu visited me here and invited me to go to Enchanted, I said yes… libre baya…(specifically ang kaon)…lol…though I paid for the package tour, it was 800 pesos. I had a thought, unsa kaha nga rides naa didto nga 800 raman?...I imagined what would the scenario be like…will it be just the same as our barrio fiesta “peryahan sa Don Gil sa Argao?” in my province? Comm'on…well, I took the opportunity though being with my sister that time. It’s been a long time I haven’t been hanging out with her anyways…

We left from the metropolis around 10:30 am. It was just around 45 mins of travel. The sun was so hot…murag summer! We took our lunch at the foodcourt just inside the Enchanted kingdom. I’ve proven myself wrong then when I finally entered the place.… abi jud nako it’s peryahan alike. No..no…no…. hehehe… Rides were great. Especially the roller coaster that has four loops all in all...maka lipong.. and the Rio Grande! Grabe! Na basa jud ko! and to think, it was the second ride I took. After that, the whole time I was in Enchanted, I was wet! Gggrrr…. Pero, lingaw jud sya! Hehehe..

Well, there was even a mini movie theater there featuring a 4d animax movie. It was fun! Ooppss,, I almost forgot my Korean friends….hasta sila…na basa…hahaha…I enjoyed being with them and looking at them as if it was their first time to be in a place like that! Wala cguro piryahan sa ila! Lol!

It was a long day for us! We went back to Manila at 8pm….still a bit wet!..hehe. J Whew! It was such an experience I could never trade with anything else. Not even with any Disneylands….(oowwwsss…hehehe..)…. Anyways, my Disneyland dream could wait though…and as a Cebuano; Filipino, Enchanted Kingdom experience is satisfactory already especially if you’re with your sibling and friends. Since, the friends who were with me are Koreans (foreigners), it’s more or less feeling like you’re not in Pinas anymore! Lol!... :-)

The new 1gb ipod shuffle by Apple

Thursday, November 23, 2006

The world’s smallest digital music player and just $79, the 1GB iPod shuffle lets you wear up to 240 songs(1) on your sleeve. Or your lapel. Or your belt. Clip on iPod shuffle and wear it as a badge of musical devotion.

Click on here to see the new ad of this small wonder by Apple

The new "italk" by Apple

See how Apple astonishes the world with their new "italk". Just wondering though, will the Philippines embrace this newly introduced technology by Apple? Will this swipe out the "nokia mania" in the Philippines?......we will see then......Meanwhile, you can enjoy this short film created by award winning filmmaker Christopher DeSantis with design by Gregory DeSantis.

Pow Chavez's Philippine Idol journey ends.

Pow Out but Not Down

Although it was Miguel’s first time to be in the bottom rung, the Miguelista fan base still came through for their heart throb idol as Ryan Agoncillo told Pow Chavez that her journey with Philippine Idol ends tonight. We cannot help but witness more emotional outpouring from Pow Chavez. Miguel is also teary eyed at the outcome both from relief that he is still in contention for the idol plum and from sadness that another close pal will be leaving.

Pow composes herself enough to perform for the last time on the Philippine idol centerstage. The words of “So Far So Good” fill the air and we are all reassured that indeed things are still okay. Pow has done a lot of growing up herself in the course of the competition and so have our idol fans. Prejudices have been unconsciously set aside in admiration for this person who has so much talent. So promising was Pow when she came to Philippine idol that when Mr.C initially heard her sing he had boldly predicted that she would become the first Philippine Idol. Maestro Ryan Cayabyab was not entirely wrong. In standing up and believing in herself, Pow is truly being admired. Her being true to herself showed us all that talent can come in all shapes, sizes and gender orientation. Pow may now be out of the Philippine Idol competition but she still has so much to thank Philippine Idol for. She has found a second family which has welcomed her with open arms no matter what she was. She has also gained the confidence to share her talent for music to even more people. Her journey with Philippine Idol will continue to inspire idol fans long after the competition is over.

The Singer in Me

It's me in ABS-CBN's Star in a Million

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