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Happy Valentine's Day 2008

Thursday, February 14, 2008
Today is Valentine's Day. What are you up to? Have you sent your cards yet? Here are some sample of Valentine's day cards that you could send. Take a look.

How to ask your boss for a salary increase?

Monday, February 11, 2008
Here is a good tip on how to ask your boss for a salary increase. Hehehe.

One day an employee sends a letter to his boss asking for an increase in his salary!

Dear Bo$$,

In thi$ life, we all need $ome thing mo$t de$perately. I think you $hould be under$tanding of the need$ of u$ worker$ who have given $o much $upport including $weat and $ervice to your company .

I am $ure you will gue$$ what I mean and re$pond $oon.

Your$ $incerely,

Norman $oh


The next day, the employee received this letter of reply :

Dear NOrman,

I kNOw you have been working very hard. NOwadays, NOthing much has changed. You must have NOticed that our company is NOt doing NOticeably well as yet.

NOw the newspaper are saying the world`s leading ecoNOmists are NOt sure if the United States may go into aNOther recession. After the NOvember presidential elections things may turn bad .

I have NOthing more to add NOw. You kNOw what I mean.

Yours truly,


Kinsay pinakakuyaw muliko?

Saturday, February 09, 2008
Which country do you think will win if we measure the difficulty of a vehicle's maneuver on a sharp turn or curve?

Let these photos give you an idea.









Walmart's cake!

Walmart Employee: "Hello 'dis Walmarts, how can I help you?"

Customer: " I would like to order a cake for a going away party this week."

Walmart Employee: "What you want on the cake?"

Customer: "Best Wishes Suzanne" and underneath that "We will miss you".

Walmart Employee: "Dat all? Okay, Bye."

See the cake below.
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Here is the cake from Walmart. Enjoy!

Outrageous Moments In Philippine Television

Thursday, February 07, 2008
Showbiz fanatics, this is for you. Introducing the Outrageous Moments In Philippine Television!

1. TV Show: ASAP Mania, ABS-CBN
Claudine Barretto, looking classy in her red gown, trips on stage and blurts out something which rhymes with "Cooking Ina."

2. TV show: GMA Supershow, GMA
Kris Aquino falls down--- way down -- the stage while lip-synching the theme song of "Pido Dida". The funny part: her pre-recorded voice kept singing while she was splattered on the floor like Humpty Dumpty. We, the listening audience, felt her pain.

3. TV show: The Buzz, ABS CBN
Towards the end of Kris Aquino's interview with Jessa Zaragosa:
Kris: Describe Dingdong (Jessa's husband) in three words.
Jessa: Actually, one word lang: My life.

4.TV show: Rumors, Facts and Humor, ABS CBN
Divina Valencia , mother of psycho Dranreb Villeza, ends a heated exchange with Dr. Rey Dela Cruz, a reporter, by hammering a microphone on the poor doc's head.

5. TV show: See True, GMA
On her new year's eve show, Inday Badiday quizzes Madame Auring, fortune teller and walking plastic surgery disaster:
Inday: Ano ang iyong prediction kay Stella Suarez?

Madame Auring: Lalo siyang sisikat sa darating na taon at malalampasan pa niya ang kasikatan ni Alma Moreno.

The following day's headline: Stella Suarez Commits Suicide!

6. TV show: Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition, ABS CBN
When your housemate sobs and reveals to you for the first time that he's gay, you'd probably hug him and tell him it's gonna be alright. But when you're Keana Reeves, your first instinct is to pee. Behind the bushes. On national tv.

7. TV show: Pacquiao vs. Morales 2, Cable TV
Jennifer Bautista, an aspiring (read: shitty) singer and niece of Senator Bong Revilla, butchers the Philippine National Anthem seconds before the match.

8. TV show: Saksi, GMA
Tv reporter Michael Fajatin reports live about.. something. If you can, try unlocking the Fajatin code.

9. TV show: News at Seven, GMA
Tina Monson-Palma, news anchor, reports that Maureen Haltman, who was shot by Claudio Teehankee, Jr., had died when in fact, she was still alive at that very moment (and probably throwing things the on the tv set from her hospital bed). Just goes to show that a news anchor with helmet-hair can never be trusted.

10. TV Show: Eye to Eye, GMA
In the Mata ng Bayan portion of her show, Inday Badiday asks the usual questions to an abandoned street kid:
Inday: Kilala mo ba ako?

Street kid: Opo

Inday: Sino ako?

Street kid: Bakla.

11. Joe Quirino interviews Sharon Cuneta and Myra Manibog:
Joe: “ Sharon , are you familiar with the current problems in the local film industry?”
Sharon : “Sorry, Tito Joe. I’m afraid not.”
Joe: “How about you, Myra ?”
Myra : “Naku, Tito Joe. I’m also afraid.”

12. Nadia Montenegro promoting the movie, The Life Story of Julie Vega:
“I would like to invite everybody to watch the Life Story of Julie Vega. Kung nasaan man si Julie ngayon, I’m sure she’s very happy ‘coz it’s just around the corner.”

13. Melanie Marquez’s parting shot to Mrs. Dee, her former mother-in-law:
“You know, I’ll say this in English because Mrs. Dee doesn’t understand Tagalog. Mrs. Dee.. ang labo mo!”

14. Melanie Marquez accepting an award:
“Thank you very much. Ito na ang pinakamasayang pasko at manigong bagong taon sa inyong lahat.”

15. Melanie Marquez accepting another award:
“I want to thank my mother, my father and my parents.”

16. Melanie Marquez complementing Nikki Valdez backstage on her dance moves:
“Nikki, you’re so galing. You should go to the States. You will sell hotcakes!”

17. Melanie Marquez on Joey Marquez:
“Don’t judge my brother; he’s not a book!”

18. Melanie Marquez on her father:
“Ang tatay ko lang ang only living legend na buhay!”

19. Melanie Marquez feeling relieved:
“My answers have been prayered.”

20. An indignant Melanie Marquez:
“I won’t stoop down to my level!”

Oh Melanie. We love you.

Toronto's Smallest House

Where could you find the smallest house on earth? Answer: in Toronto Canada (i'm just guessing). But guess what, the house is for sale [see photos below]. Wanna buy it?

If ..
..... You live alone or with one other person (or an extremely small dog) .. or if

..... You don't have much stuff (barely more than a homeless person) .. or if

..... You miss that cute little apartment you lived in while teaching English in Japan


This house, located near the intersection of Dufferin Street and Rogers Road is believed to be Toronto 's smallest house. Occupying what used to be a driveway, it's a one bedroom, one bathroom home that sits on a parcel of land 7.25 feet (2.2 metres) wide and 113.67 feet (34.6 metres) long and has an interior area of just under 300 square feet (under 28 square metres).

Here are the home's "Listed Features":

* Completely re-done top-to-bottom, front-to-back!
* Tumbled stone entrance walk
* Renovated Bath
* Renovated Kitchen with newer stove, new cabinets and new stacked washer/dryer
* Bedroom with Murphy Bedd + "Built-Ins" ... (doubles as a den)!
* Walk-out to fenced patio
* 100 Amp service
* 2 Satellite Dishes and Receiver
* Window Air Conditioner Available

THE PRICE? A whooping $179,900.00!

This is True Love

Wednesday, February 06, 2008
This is love story. A touching love story at that.

A dog was knocked down by a car and died on the middle of the road. Later, this dog is seen beside the corpse of the dog, he tried to wake his wife up using his leg.

When his attempts to wake his wife failed, he tried to push his wife to the side of the road. But the weight of his wife was proven too heavy for him.

Though the traffic is busy and dangerous, he just will not go away from his wife. Just stand beside his wife howling and crying.

A lot of people saw this incident and feel very touched. How even a dog can show his loyalty and love to his wife.

Creative Advertising

Advertising is getting very artistic these days. Haven't you noticed it?

Watch TV, or listen to the radio, or read the newspaper. Or what about just looking around and seeing how ad campaigns are making our heads turn in amazement...

This is what I mean.

The Singer in Me

It's me in ABS-CBN's Star in a Million

Dipdeep. A Travel Expert. Business Consultant. Vocal Coach. Singer. Member of "Voice of Cebu" and "Coro de Sta Cecilia". Former USC Chorister. Deeply Romantic yet, Comical.

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